One of two prominent races dwelling on the Planet Wakka.  Humes share a common physique and appearance with the Terrans of the Eridanus Sector, but beyond a presumed shared-ancestry have no apparent ties to them.

A notable unique trait of the Humes is an inherent ability to tap into and control elemental forces, i.e., "magic." Though all Humes seem to innately possess this capability, learning to utilize it is another matter that requires study and training.  Beginners can create sparks and small flames with effort, advanced practitioners command raging storms with ease.

Hume civilization on Planet Wakka could be likened to that of a Renaissance-era on Earth, if that were a thing that existed.  Sprawling kingdoms were dotting the land, giving rise to cultures that valued the arts, innovations that fueled exciting new industries, and emphases on scientific understandings.  Their world map was far from complete however, as territorial wars were often fought and sparked aplenty, particularly with their amphibian neighbors, the  Frogans.

These history books in the making were wiped out in a blink, however, when the heavens split and rained down destruction from above in the form of the aliens who would take Planet Wakka for their own.  Faced against an innumerable foe with technology impossibly greater than their own, all life on the planet was quickly pushed to the brink of extinction.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the Glory's Blaze, a helping of survivors were rescued from the ensuing carnage and brought aboard as refugees, Hume and Frogan alike.

Notable Humes


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