Turkisphon IV

Turkisphon IV is the intergalactic jewel of the Automann Empire. Settled by rampant AI "Atatürk" in 2453 the planet boasts a massive, surface sprawling metropolis. Lying at the bridge of many modern trade routes, Turkisphon IV is at once impressively cosmopolitan and reservedly theocratic.


Turkisphon IV is ruled by the royal family of the Turkisphon Caliphate, and that rule went unchallenged for generations. That ended when the Founders of the Nuptolemy Dynasty, led by Horus, began to contest the legitimacy of the royal family's claims.

Tensions and conflict between the two factions rose to a boiling point, leading the Turkisphon Caliphate to petition Eridani Space Command for aid in dealing with Horus' rebellion. The in-fighting grew worse, until at last Horus himself led a daring raid on the royal vault on Mamaker. During this raid, Horus at last obtained the Rubidium Crown of Turkisphon, but he lost his head at the same moment he placed the crown on it –  assassinated by Sarah Atwell, Eridani Space Command's operative on the ground.

Turkisphon IV

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