Glory's Blaze


Commission Date: 2701, Acamar Station
Organization: Eridani Space Command
Commander: Captain Joshua Sodon
Crew: 10,000 Terran, 5,000 Alien (various) [50,000 maximum]
Fleet: 350 fighter-class [640 maximum], 100 freighter-class [250 maximum]
Armament: 400 Raven Missile Launchers; 300 Rouen Missile-Defense Cannons; 1,000 Anti-Fighter Turrets; 4 nuclear launch bays; 4 anti-dreadnought starcannons (top-mounted), 8 planetary bombardment cannons (bottom-mounted), 1 Mitz cannon
Engine: Hyperdrive, interplanetary pulse drive, sub-system ion drive
Other Technical Notes: Not intended for atmospheric flight


The Glory's Blaze is a Musashi-class battlecarrier, one of only four in its class constructed by the Eridani Space Command between 2700 and 2713, before the Collapse.

The Glory's Blaze is an enormous spacecraft, capable of self-sustained spaceflight, without need for refuel or resupply, for an official period of 65 years and, in theoretical optimal conditions, indefinitely. Its wide array of armaments, as well as its enormous capacity for fighters, freighters, and even smaller capital ships, means it can effectively field and sustain its own space wing. Before the collapse, no Terran starfleet flying a Musashi-class battlecarrier ever lost an engagement.

By far the Glory's Blaze's most potent weapon, however, is its experimental Mitz Cannon, the only one of its kind. Capable of discharging a staggering amount of energy from the ship's bow, the Mitz Cannon would obliterate any smaller ship caught in its path, and could wreak havoc on ships even its own size. The firing of this weapon, however, requires a great deal of time and energy, and would prevent the ship from engaging its hyperdrive until it could resupply.


Crew assignments tend to fall into one of several areas. Representatives for each of these crews and groups are often found on the bridge.

Command crew is comprised of officers who command the ship as well as its various functions. All command in the ship flows downward from this group. Helm and tactical operations fall into this crew. Command crew is led by Captain Joshua Sodon.

Missions crew is comprised of officers and enlisted personnel who conduct land- and space-based actions on behalf of the ship. Mission crew often includes personnel from other groups, but the crew itself is commanded by a single crewmember.

Operations crew is comprised of officers who oversee direct systems within the ship. This crew is overseen by a single crewmember. Operations crew is itself comprised of groups with their own duties and commanders:

  • Weapons group operate the weapon systems of the ship. Weapons group is led by a single crewmember.
  • Engine group operates the hyperdrive, pulse engines, and ion engines. Engine group is led by a single crewmember.
  • Security group maintains law and order aboard the ship, protecting its interests and its crew from threats both external and internal. Security group is led by Lieutenant Commander Sarah Atwell.
  • Medical group oversees the health and well-being of the crew. Medical group is led by a single crewmember.
  • Science group conducts research to develop new technologies for the ship. Science group was established after the Collapse, when the Glory's Blaze was forced into a longer-term self-sustainment. Science group is led by a single crewmember.
  • Maintenance group conducts maintenance and repairs on all systems within the ship. Maintenance group is led by a single crewmember.
  • Support group maintains the life support systems necessary for the long-term sustainment of the ship and its crew, namely the botanical gardens, animal husbandry decks, and life support systems for the various species aboard the ship (not everyone breathes oxygen). Support group is led by a single crewmember.

Notable Crew


Joshua Sodon obtained command of the ship in 2709 and has retained that command since. As far as its crew is aware, it is the only surviving ship of its class. 

The Glory's Blaze fled the Eridanus Sector after the Collapse, after which it was unable to re-establish any contact with Eridani Space Command. Its crew has since drifted between the stars, and its initially meager alien population has since grown exponentially.

Glory's Blaze

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