Celestial Splendour

A spaceship belonging to Robert Frazer. A civilian passenger vessel, the ship is roomy for its modest size with giant transparent hull sections and before joining the Glory’s Blaze it was used by Robert when guiding tour groups to see the wonders of the heavens up-close. The passenger compartment is modular and can be swapped out for a variety of different functions from luxury state cabins to stripped-down cargo pods; at present it is configured for standard economy-style seating for around 50 passengers with bunks for 20, plus a steward-bot programmed to serve drinks and snacks. The ship is unarmed but benefits from an oversized power plant (to cope with more energy-demanding modules) and unusually strong shields (a surprising indulgence for a company vehicle but the accountants crunched the numbers and found it was worth the cost for reduced insurance claims).

Although the Glory’s Blaze crew believe that Celestial Splendour is Robert’s own private vessel, it’s actually stolen and belongs to his former travel company Crystal Star Holidays and was originally called Astral Adventurer (if anyone scrapes off the paint they could probably find the original name still marked underneath). After Crystal Star Holidays made Robert redundant he ripped out the company autopilot and transceiver and faked a new registration. Robert views this as fair recompense for what he sees as the company screwing him over and abandoning him whole sectors away from home, but the bailiffs might not see it that way when they catch up with him…

Logs #1

Robert Frazer piloted the Celestial Splendour during the investigation of Equus' shuttle crash. the ship was the sole surviving craft of the ensuing melee, as the shuttle's destroyers attempted to destroy the Glory's Blaze's intervening fighters.

Celestial Splendour

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