Joshua Sodon

Captain of the Glory's Blaze


Birth Date: 2675
Birthplace: Achernar Station, Achernar, Eridanus Sector
Race: Terran
Occupation: Starship Captain
Affiliation: Glory’s Blaze crew, previous officer of Eridani┬áSpace Command
Physical Description: average Terran build
Equipment: Blaster
Skills: Piloting, basic ground combat, command & managerial, and an excellent organizer!
Alignment: Lawful Good

Captain Joshua Sodon is the captain of the Glory’s Blaze.


Captain Joshua Sodon served as an officer in the [[Eridani┬áSpace Command]] from 2698 to 2713. A pilot in the Throne Wars that broke out in the Eridanus Sector in 2703, his valor in the Battle of Achernar won him the command of his own starship. As the wars continued, and he won continued accolades for his command, he continued to rise through the ranks until obtaining command of the 15th Eridani Space Wing‘s lead battlecarrier, the Glory’s Blaze, in 2709.

Joshua Sodon survived the devastating fallout of the Collapse in 2713, fleeing Eridani space with the Glory’s Blaze and a few scattered remnants of the 15th Eridani Space Wing. On the run ever since, Sodon leads his crew in search of a new home – or at least, a new peace.

Joshua Sodon

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