No small matter


Birth Date: 2682
Race: Wakanite-Frogan
Occupation: Starship Tagalong
Affiliation: Glory’s Blaze, Wakanite Refugees

Physical Description: large frogman
Equipment: wide girth
Abilities: heavy load
Talents: max capacity
Alignment: Neutral Good

Reeves is a (rather large) Frogan who has made his living aboard the Glory’s Blaze, along with the other survivors of his race.


Logs #1

Reeves met Aedrich O’kenon while the human was chasing down a thief, Equus, from his cafe. Reeves’ intervention led to the direct capture of the thief. Afterwards, Reeves took to patronizing Aedrich’s cafe almost on a daily basis, an event which caused no small consternation in the cafe owner.


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