Moanna Moora

Glory's Blaze Starfighter Pilot


Birth Date: 2692
Birthplace: Unspecified
Race: Terran
Occupation(s): Pilot, Officer
Affiliation(s): Glory’s Blaze; Eridani Space Command
Physical Description: Unspecified
Equipment: Unspecified
Skills & Abilities:

  • Piloting: Excellent
  • Military: Excellent
  • Engineering: Amateur
  • Fitness: Great
  • Programming: None
    Alignment: Unspecified

Lieutenant Moanna Moora is a pilot in the 30th Mobile Defense Squadron, a defensive star fighter squadron hosted by the Glory’s Blaze.


Logs #1

Moanna Moora was killed in action when mysterious gunboats ambushed her squadron and the Celestial Splendour, while the Glory’s Blaze was engaged in mining operations nearby.

Moanna Moora

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