Odeysius Loran


Birth Date: 2685
Birthplace: Unknown
Race: Terran
Occupation(s): Pilot, Officer
Physical Description: Unknown

  • Flight suit mesh armor
  • Sidearm
  • Sniper rifle, anti-armor and anti-personnel rounds
    Skills & Abilities:
  • Expert sniper
  • Excellent pilot
  • Limited ground combat experience, heavier flying combat experience
    Alignment: Neutral Good

Odeysius Loran is a starfighter pilot serving aboard the Glory’s Blaze. Brave but rash, he serves faithfully and yearns to protect everyone who calls the ship hope.

He has become quick friends with the many drifters the battlecarrier has picked up in the many years of its lonely flight. For he too, like so many aboard the ship, is an orphan in search of home.


Odeysius Loran was a Spacefighter in Eridani Space Command and made his commission to become a pilot shortly before the Collapse. He barely escaped the destruction of his command ship during the final moments of the catastrophe, and rendezvoused with the Glory’s Blaze as it fled the sector.

He was assigned to the Glory’s Blaze’s 30th Mobile Defense Squadron shortly after the escape, and he has flown a variety of escort missions for the ship since.

Despite his piloting skills, Odeysius is also a skilled marksman, having hunted kayraens with his mother on his homeworld as a child.

Logs #1

Odeysius’ squadron was ambushed and destroyed during an investigation of Equus’ shuttle crash. Odeysius managed to escape the crash with the aid of Robert Frazer.

Odeysius Loran

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