The Omega Initiative

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume II: #1
The Lost Not Broken

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The Glory's Blaze has just recently left the Britannia Sector, hoping to avoid squabbles and rising tariffs, after its recent departure from the Galactic Terran Federation. Capt Sodon has elected to take a circuitous route to the far end of the Eridanus Sector, in hopes of re-establishing contact with Eridani Space Command.

They are three hops into uncharted space, the first part of their long road around, when the ship halts near an asteroid belt. When reconnaissance teams report that several asteroids contain thamium27, an element critical to the operation of the hyperdrive, Capt Sodon gives the order for excavations to begin.

A man named Equus awakens in the wreckage of his space shuttle. A distress signal near the asteroid field attracts the attention of Lt Cmdr Odeysius Loran and his fighter squadron, as well as Robert Frazer aboard his Celestial Splendour. Meanwhile, Lt Cmdr Sarah Atwell and Wakanite refugee Aedrich O'Kenon investigate another sighting of the mysterious Other Engineer in the latter's restaurant.

Robert is ambushed by an unknown craft while investigating the signal, but he is rescued by Odeysius Loran's squadron. While they investigate the crash afterwards, they are themselves ambushed – Robert is too late to warn them about a cloaked ship – and Odeysius' Twinspark fighter is destroyed.

The fighter group investigating the crash is decimated by the sudden ambush, but Odeysius Loran manages to escape the wreckage of the shuttle via the Celestial Splendour - albeit clutching the ship's wing, rather than aboard the ship. Robert then flees the asteroid field while hotly pursued by their unidentified assailants.

Meanwhile, Equus managed to sneak aboard the Glory's Blaze via an exterior access tunnel. His explorations of the ship brought him to Aedrich's diner. Finding the diner empty, he set about sampling the diner's cabinets, but he was soon confronted by Aedrich and Fred. Equus' attempts to bluff his way out of the situation only confirmed any suspicion laid against him, and Aedrich attempted to detain the stranger personally.

Robert and Odeysius continued their desperate flight back to the battlecarrier, but Zol Krana, the Other Engineer, observing the proceedings, realized that multiple cloaked ships were in the area and preparing to ambush the fleeing travel agent's shuttle. Breaking his long silence, he activated his own weaponry, unleashing a powerful energy blast that disabled all of the cloaked attackers. Robert and Odeysius landed safely, if roughly, aboard the Glory's Blaze.

Aedrich is distracted by this display long enough for Equus to flee the scene, but he was quickly stopped by a mysterious Wakanite-Frogan. Having suffered one too many shocks for one day, Equus fainted.

After the sortie, Captain Sodon has Robert Frazer brought in for debriefing. Yet what Robert expects to be an interrogation turns out to be something else entirely, as, in recognition of his heroism, the captain offers Robert a commission to join the crew of the Glory's Blaze.

Chapter One

The story continues to unfold!

The Crew of the Glory's Blaze: #2
Todliche Vergangenheit

The loose ends of Sodon's past continue to haunt the crew, as they race to aid their ally, Chris, against the ghost known as Jegthdar.

The story can be read here.

The Crew of the Glory's Blaze: #1
Die Abwehr

Sodon contends with the ghosts of his past, as his long-thought-dead comrades in arms during his time as an assassin return to enact their vengeance on Sodon and his crew.

The story can be read here.

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume I: #7
Point of Twilight

The crew is marooned on a primitive world that has been consumed by a planet-eating Leviathan.

The story can be read here.

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume I: #6
Dawn of Darkness

Madness returns as an undead lich king and begins to conquer the planet WakkaWakka. Our crew races to defend the hapless denizens from this terrible threat.

The story can be read here.

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume I: #5

The Glory's Blaze is caught up in saurian war on an alient planet, facing off against their mad leader, Coarvan, and his race of mutants.

The story can be read here.

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume I: #4
The Shot Heard 'round the Ship

Sodon executes one of the Zol'Krana brothers, spurring a plot of vengeance.

The story can be read here.

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume I: #3
The Abyss Gazes Back

The crew faces their most terrifying enemy yet, an ancient demon spawned from the abyss named Abadon.

This story has been lost.

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume I: #2
The Dark Within

The crew faces the insane plots of Madness, a traitor who plagues the crew with an alien infestation.

The story can be read here.

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume 1: #1
The Dark Below

The crew contends with an evil creature within the bowels of the ship: the Mod Whore.

The entire story is lost. Some fragments can be found here.


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