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Current Story: Volume II, #1 – The Lost Not Broken

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Past Stories

From the Logs of Captain Sodon, Volume I

The original trade-off stories were set within an expanding galaxy and focused on the adventures of the crew of the Glory's Blaze, led by their captain, Joshua Sodon. Read them here!

The Crew of the Glory's Blaze (Logs Volume Ia)

Following the resurrection of Captain Sodon in Point of Twilight, the trade-off stories entered into a new phase, kicked off by Robert Frazer. Though the captain survived his death, the tales withdrew from the expansive world of the first volume, focusing on more personal battles for the crew. Read them here!


This wiki supports the trade-off story. When contributing to the trade-off story, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • This is a trade-off story. The framework of the story is provided and overseen by the Storymaster, but anything can happen within that framework. When you contribute, you can introduce concepts and characters, or blow up concepts and characters, as well as everything in between (hopefully more of the in between). But you can write anything. No, really, I mean it. Ok well there are two exceptions.

    • 1: Avatars (discussed below).
    • 2: Don't blow up the ship. The Glory's Blaze is the basic framework and the base of the setting for the story. If you blow it up, you are making a decision to take away that basic framework for every other author.
  • The wiki is the story bible, and contents should only be added to, not changed. (Some exceptions may exist for topics that reveal more data later, such as: "This was a mysterious event." being changed to "This was the event where the evil alien general sucked the planet into a  black hole." or "This faction's unknown leader…" being changed to "This faction, led by Robert Frazer…"
  • This is our own, unique setting. Concepts and characters may be (and really will be) pulled from other sources (games, movies, books, etc), but it is recommended that they be "remade" into something slightly unique in the process. If you really don't have any ideas, just rename it – and if you still don't know what to rename it to, just describe it, and maybe someone else will come up with the name!
  • There is no single author to the story. Leave things open-ended and roll with the punches, especially with your avatar. That being said, do be respectful about making significant, earth-shattering changes happen for avatars. If in doubt, ask.
  • Speaking of avatars, everyone gets one and only one. Your avatar is the one character in the story over which you have the most authorial control (see Characters section below for how to do this). You decide his or her background, details, description – everything. The only thing you don't have control over is what happens to that avatar over the course of the story – once the story starts, you only have control over your avatar's personality and decisions about life/death/exile/etc.

    • You can of course introduce side-characters or even main characters that are strongly affiliated to your avatar, but the only character over which you retain that authorial control is your avatar. That means…
    • … if it's not an avatar, all gloves are off! Characters can be killed, maimed, turn evil or good, or anything, as the other authors see fit, regardless of who introduced the character.
  • There is no format for your writing – be as prosaic, poetic, or relaxed with it as you like. That being said, the more consistent your contributions are to the contributions of other authors, with regards to plot and characters, the more rewarding it will be for everyone involved.
  • That's it! Have fun!


In the wiki, you will find a wide array of topics to research and review. You are free to contribute to these as you wish, but do not change pre-existing information unless it is later determined that the information was untrue, etc. This will ensure that the setting and universe we create can stand on its own and reduce the need for retcons. 

The Storymaster will maintain the wiki as the story goes, so aside from building out concepts that you introduce yourself, you don't need to update pages as we go. You may also request topics or sections to be written by the Storymaster, if desired. Note that if you introduce a new character or concept, and you wish certain details to be known as other authors use that concept, it is suggested you either make it clear in your contribution or else put it in the wiki.

Show don't tell trumps the wiki, however. Add to the story and setting with your contributions, not with the wiki, whenever possible. 

To link to the other wiki pages and characters, put the topic in brackets, e.g. Joshua Sodon. In this manner, you can also put things into brackets which are not actually created. When this occurs, you are leaving an open invitation for others to create that concept itself – something you will see the Storymaster doing for you on numerous wiki pages already existant.


Select Characters on the left to review characters in the story. Every contributor should feel free to create an "avatar" to represent themselves in the story (done by checking "Player Character" on the edit screen). Please obtain permission from the author of avatar characters before making any changes to their wiki pages. Otherwise, feel free to edit any character page you see fit!

When making characters, please provide the following information in the description field. You may list "unknown" etc for anything you either don't know, don't care about, or don't wish to reveal, but if it's not your avatar, "unknown" is an open invitation to other authors to reveal it themselves.

Birth Date: When the character was born. The story begins in the year 2716.
Birthplace: Be as specific as you like.
Race: What race is the character?
Occupation(s): What is the character's job or role?
Affiliation(s): Who is the character affiliated with? See the Wiki for some options. If the character is just a crewmember of the ship, put "Glory's Blaze". 
Physical Description: Anything unusual to note (lack of mouth, extra limbs, etc), or basic details not obvious through a picture
Equipment: What things is the character often found with on their person, or particularly skilled in the use of? List bigger possessions, like ships or cities, in the description blurb below.

Skills & Abilities: What is the character capable of? Crack shot? Expert pilot? Telepathic? List anything of note – including things they are horrible at.
Alignment: If you're not familiar, look up D&D alignment. Picking this for the character is a great way to communicate standard behavior to other authors.

Description: Following these stats, leave a few broad statements about the character – their role, notable achievements, etc.

Bio: Write up any details about the character in the bio section. It's important to list details here that other authors can or should know when writing about the character, particularly personality (if not just yours), physical description, etc.

The Omega Initiative

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