The Other Engineer

Shadowy telepath with a penchant for fixing problems...if he shows up


Birth Date: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Race: Alien (assumed)
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Affiliation: Glory’s Blaze crew (in theory)
Physical Description: Shadowy, ethereal
Equipment: Unknown
Skills: Expert engineer and mechanic, additional abilities suspected but not known
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Shadows seem to follow the figure whose name the crew doesn’t rightly know. Which is to say, nobody knows what he looks like, only that a sudden, inexplicable shadow means he’s shown up. His voice is deep, yet warm, with the slightest tinge of a laugh on his breath.


Whoever he is, nobody knows. One day, he showed up when there was a problem with the hyperspace drive, took 5 minutes to reconfigure a dozen separate pieces of equipment, and vanished with the drive fully functional.

A few days later, an errant piece of space junk tore a hole in the outer hull. A shadow flitted past the hole and it was sealed by some unknown tech before decompression could fully come into play.

The next day, the power went out on the top 5 decks. Engineering took longer to respond because “that shadowy guy” was going to fix it. Except he never showed up.

The pattern has continued for months.

His past is a mystery, his motives seemingly benevolent if not exactly consistent. So far asking his name has resulted in different answers telepathically sent to every person in sight.

Not content to simply let him be “that shadowy guy,” Sodon has recently labeled him “The Other Engineer.” How long that name lasts, no one knows.

Logs #1

The Other Engineer was forced to reveal himself, intervening to prevent the destruction of the Celestial Splendour by a force of cloaked gunboats. He fled his close orbit to the Glory’s Blaze afterwards, waiting for a more opportune time to rejoin his usual tasks.

The Other Engineer

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