Sarah Atwell

Glory's Blaze Chief of Starship Security


[ Personal ]
Birth Date: 2683 (33 years old)
Birthplace: City of New Sedona, Yuma, Cursa System, Eridanus Sector
Race: Terran
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Occupation: Security Chief, Tactician
Former Occupation: Black Ops Agent, Eridani Space Command Black Operations Division
Affiliation: Glory’s Blaze
Body Type: Toned
Height: 5’ 8” (1.7 metres)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Auburn
Alignment: Neutral Good

[ Equipment ]
Primary Weapon (Away missions): Wiyrkomi Type VI long range recon sniper rifle (5.56×45mm Iridium tipped ammunition) (Leftover equipment from Black Ops job)
Sidearm: Standard issue Type V Phase Pistol, Portable Electrified Stun Baton
Clothing: Glory’s Blaze standard uniform – Security branch colours (On ship duty), Ultra lightweight carbon nanofibre tactical jumpsuit with light duranium plating (Away missions, leftover equipment from Black Ops job)

[ Skills ]
Piloting: Expert. Several years working as a remote black ops agent required an expertise in piloting skills, as missions sometimes lasted months with very close tracking of a target.

Military: Expert. Black operations required a very high level of skill and finesse in special military skills such as espionage, tactical planning, and advanced combat operations.

Engineering: Very Basic. Just enough basic training knowledge to operate the automated diagnostics systems in her ship. Most missions required a small crew of 3, of which one would have been an experienced engineer. Knows little to nothing about most systems aboard the Glory’s Blaze.

Fitness: Excellent. Due to the intensity of black operations training and missions, physical fitness was pretty well a requirement. She maintains the same level of fitness now more as a habit than anything. It certainly helps when dealing with security on such a large vessel as the Blaze.

Programming: None. No formal training beyond operating a ship computer, as none was required.

[ Short Bio ]
Sarah is a former field agent of the Eridani Space Command Black Ops division, and was wandering the stars for the better part of a year before seeking refuge aboard the Glory’s Blaze when they crossed paths. Events led her to earning the position of the ship’s chief of security.


Sarah was born on the arid planet Yuma, third planet in the Cursa system in 2683, the last of three children to her mother, Natasia Atwell, First Magistrate of Yuma and Senator in the Eridanus government — and her father, Tyson (Ty) Atwell, a civil engineer and architect in the metropolitan government of New Sedona. Her oldest sibling, James, was killed in 2703 during a massive protest in the streets of New Sedona. Her older sister, Alysia, was a freighter pilot for a logistics corporation, and hasn’t been heard from in years following the Collapse.

Growing up in an upper class family was not as smooth as one might think. While attending school, Sarah was deeply interested in history, reading through mountains of books detailing events dating back anywhere from the rise of the Eridanus government decades prior, to the fall of the American Empire on Earth some six centuries ago. Sarah developed a deeply rooted sense of justice and a strong belief in the rule of law from her historical studies, and naturally, clashed with her mother very often when it became apparent that she had become someone of less than trustworthy nature in the Eridanii political system.

Following school, she immediately enrolled in the military, hoping to be able to promote her own ideals of law and justice in the field and make a difference. She quickly rose through the ranks of the Eridani Armed Forces before being noticed by the chief directors of the black ops branch. She found the organization, despite the stereotype of being moral devoid assassins bound by no political red tape, meshed with her ideals fluidly, upholding a very tight standard of justice in its purest form while striving to bring it in the most efficient way possible. She was quickly trusted by the directors to lead high priority espionage missions in and well outside of Eridani space, and throughout her years of service refused promotion to a high ranking desk job — instead preferring to get her hands dirty to help.

Her refusal to accept promotion ultimately became a life saver. The onset of the catastrophic event, later known as the Collapse, occurred when she was well outside of Eridani space. Upon setting a course home, the event became apparent, and she was forced to turn around and flee the sector, leaving everything she knew behind.

The year following the Collapse, Sarah turned to travelling the stars to cope with almost everything she knew assumed to be gone. Her small crew accompanied her for a while before one by one they departed at various space stations and planets. With only herself left aboard a ship normally manned by four officers, and certainly not designed for long distance space travel, she debated finding a planet to settle on herself… but came to love the wonders of exploring space with no real destination. Her waiting paid off, as 3 months after her last comrade departed, she came across the Glory’s Blaze.

She sought refuge aboard the massive starship, both to be among a larger community and to get some long overdue maintenance done on her ship. Captain Sodon was extremely impressed with her resume, and realized that travelling deeper into more unknown parts of space would warrant having a true security team led by someone of Sarah’s experience. She was promoted to the position and holds it to this day.

Logs #1

Sarah was given the task of investigating the Other Engineer’s activities aboard the Glory’s Blaze, but her leads ran dry after her investigation took her to Aedrich O’Kenon’s diner. Her attentions were instead drawn to the ship’s newest occupant, the mysterious Equus, whom Sarah had apparently known under another name.

Sarah Atwell

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