Robert Frazer

A traveller, run out of fuel


Birth Date: 2686 (30 years old)
Birthplace: Offcester, Magonsaete, Britannic Sector
Race: Terran
Occupation: Unemployed (formerly Holiday Rep & Tour Guide)
Affiliation: Glory’s Blaze crew
Physical Description: average Terran build

Celestial Splendour


Piloting: Competent. Robert can effectively handle a civilian ship on steady going and can astronavigate if he has an almanac handy to double-check his working, but he has zero knowledge or experience of combat manoeuvring.

Military: Basic. Robert was a Royal Astry reservist for a few years – he knows how to fire a blaster and has trained in small-scale military tactics but has zero combat experience.

Engineering: Basic. Robert can run day-to-day maintenance on his ship and similar systems on other vessels but has no in-depth knowledge of the workings of the engine.

Fitness: Good. Robert keeps himself in shape and takes people on climbing and hiking tours of distant moons as part of his job.

Programming: Good. Robert has the dubious accolade of helping to programme the app that replaced his job…

Special Abilities:

Gift of the Gab: Robert is an effective conversationalist, adept at engaging or disarming a wide variety of people with friendly small talk; he can also project an air of confidence and authority when speaking about subjects on which he actually only has limited knowledge (in other words, he’s a good bullshitter).

Salesman: Robert is good at persuading people to buy things. He insists that this is not from used car-dealer underhandedness or hard-sell pressuring but the insight to work out what the customer actually needs and the knowledge to pair him with something that will service that need. The customer has an enjoyable time, the seller makes some money, everyone benefits in a virtuous circle… or maybe that’s just part of his pitch.

Alignment: True Neutral

Robert likes to think of himself as a decent sort of chap, all told. He cites “making people happy and showing them a good time” as a key motivation of his former employment working for Crystal Star Holidays. However, as evidenced by the fact that he stole a ship to get back what he perceived he was owed he find regulations awkward and takes rather personal affront when he’s inconvenienced.


It’s a big galaxy and you only have one lifetime to see it in – Robert has a strong sense of wanderlust and a desire to cross space and see the stars. Working for holiday travel companies has facilitated that – escorting tour groups to iridescent nebulae and pulsing quasars across the galaxy and experiencing their cosmic wonder for himself, as well.

Insterstellar tourism, however, has become an increasingly precarious business in a troubled galaxy – the Collapse was only one of many economic difficulties which have made the luxury of the stars unattainable for many. Most of Robert’s friends and colleagues saw the writing on the wall and jumped before they were pushed – Robert, however, unwilling to give up coasting the heavens, hoped to ride it out and held on too long. After pulling into port after finishing a tour his sense of contentment was rudely shattered by calling Crystal Star Holidays for his next assignment only to find himself unceremoniously made redundant, his role replaced by a datapad app which he wrote half the content for as a self-guiding helpbook…!

Robert thus abruptly found himself on an isolated deep-space station whole sectors from home with no job, no money and no contacts. Desperate before being destitute, Robert turned to the Glory’s Blaze, by Godly providence also in port at the same time and advertising for new crew. Robert successfully inveigled his way onto the roster by talking up his comprehensive local knowledge of this region of space making him a guide, his selling skills making him good at getting deals on supplies, and his ability to act as a diplomat and negotiator by dealing with that most heinous and cruel unreasonable creature in existence the Tourist. He’s promised a lot, let’s hope he can deliver – but at least it’s some new country to cover.

(Robert bitterly resents Sarah Atwell comparing him to the character Neelix from that ancient pre-space entertainment show she’s so fond of.)

Logs #1

Robert decided to investigate a distress signal, sent by Equus’ crashed shuttle, and in so doing found himself caught up in sortie between Glory’s Blaze fighters and Equus’ pursuers. While the fighters were all destroyed, Robert nevertheless managed to save Odeysius Loran, hauling the pilot back to the Glory’s Blaze while under hot pursuit. His ship was saved from certain destruction by the intervention of Zol Krana.

Robert was offered a commission by Captain Sodon as a result of his actions during the engagement.

Robert Frazer

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