Space thief


Birth Date: 2687
Birthplace: Earth
Race: Earthborn Terran
Occupation(s): None
Physical Description: Unremarkable
Equipment: Clothing
Skills & Abilities: No true skills. Unnaturally lucky.
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description: “Equus” is the alias of a young man who purchased slightly illegitimate means to board the Glory’s Blaze.


A man born on Earth who traded everything he had for a rare opportunity to be flung 16 light years into the far reaches of space. The sheer error of this decision presented itself almost immediately. Arriving on the fantastically overbuilt city-planet of Turkisphon IV with no skills and no personal wealth shoved him to the margins of society, to the underbelly of the planet’s sprawling metropolis. The planet hosted aliens from every corner, but very few Terrans, nevertheless he found accord with the many others living in crushing poverty.

He was granted the name “Equus” by the Terran underboss of a group he ran jobs for. Far from having equine grace, he distinguished himself through his workhorse attitude.

Equus was in hibernal cryostasis during the Collapse and is unaware of it.

Logs #1

While attempting to flee with a mysterious artifact, Equus’ shuttle was ambushed and mostly destroyed, forcibly pulled from hyperspace into an asteroid field. Somehow surviving the ambush and the crash, Equus fled – with said artifact – managing to make his way aboard the Glory’s Blaze. He soon fell afoul of Aedrich O’Kenon, however, and their encounter led to his detainment in the Glory’s Blaze’s brig.


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