Aedrich O'Kenon

Fish Outta Wakka


Birth Date: 2691
Race: Wakanite-Hume
Occupation: Starship Tagalong
Affiliation: Glory’s Blaze, Wakanite Refugees

Physical Description: slender human build
Equipment: Sword, Oven Mitt
Abilities: Elemental Creation/Projection (Fire)
Talents: Baking, Botany, Business-knack, Swordsmanship, Planning
Alignment: Lawful Good

Aedrich O’Kenon is a denizen of Glory’s Blaze, and proprietor of Deck 45’s own O’Kenon’s.


Hailing from Planet Wakka, Aedrich was born to a pre-spacefaring civilization, spending much of his life unaware of the vast wonders and struggles lying in wait just beyond his globe. That is, until 2715 when the planet was invaded without warning by hostile alien forces looking to take the world for their own. The Glory’s Blaze intervened to rescue as many of the unsuspecting Wakanites as possible, and Aedrich was among the survivors evacuated. Though his land and all he once knew were lost, these events and existential revelations ultimately bestowed Aedrich with a fiery determination to see the endless possibilities of this new universe opening up before his people, and hopefully carve out a new life free of the petty territorial wars of their past.

In the time before the aliens came, Aedrich was once the owner of a humble bakery and flower shop, inherited from his parents. When tensions with the neighboring kingdom turned to war, he was drafted into his nation’s army, where he survived enough battles to gain something of a combat prowess. His apparent knack for improvisation and tactical thinking earned him command of a small squad, often posted to defend farmlands from raiders. Aedrich’s army service was cut short however, when the entire organizational structure of his kingdom was denounced by an alien death beam. Hello, aliens. As life on Wakka shifted from regional wars to a new pastime of scrambling away from devastation and seeking out safe havens, Aedrich was among those attempting to rally the dissonant refugee clusters, to mixed results, eventually aiding in spreading word of the Glory’s Blaze, “a more benevolent brand of celestial interlopers,” and helping to organize the evacuation efforts after witnessing them fight off some of the aliens first-hand.

Aedrich considers himself eternally indebted to the Glory’s Blaze and her crew, for saving him and as many of his fellow Wakanites as they could, and for granting him an opportunity to see the universe past a formerly-limited scope. He still struggles to acclimate to the foreign technology and new way of life, but his will to integrate is strong. Aedrich splits his time between hungrily absorbing new knowledge, helping out his fellow refugees, and searching for opportunities to apply himself and give back to the Glory’s Blaze.

So far this has meant opening a small diner on Deck 45.

Logs #1

Aedrich caught Equus as the latter attempted to purloin food and wine from Aedrich’s diner while the former was away. Aedrich eventually caught the would-be thief and turned him over to the hands of Chief of Security, Sarah Atwell – though not without the help of the Wakanite-Frogan, Reeves.

Aedrich O'Kenon

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